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Thycotics webinar room

Webinar hos Thycotic

Cyber Security Team’s Quick Guide to Work Remotely & Securely – Fireside Chat with Q&A

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Webinar hos Thycotic

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02. apr. 2020, 18:00

Thycotics webinar room

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The world is accelerating a shift to the largest remote workforce ever. With the current unusual circumstances, IT teams have been forced to accelerate cyber security projects to aid this mass digital transformation. A well-executed transition will make working from home possible and maintain security, and it will do so within the limitations of your organization’s existing infrastructure.

Some of the primary security challenges many companies will face involve managing the multiple systems and laptops that have never been outside the company perimeter. As employees are packing up their office equipment and taking it home, they are facing serious risks and exposure to cybercriminals wanting to take advantage of these increased opportunities.

CISOs and IT security professionals must address important questions to reduce the risks exposed by this transition. In this webinar CISO Terence Jackson and Chief Cyber Security Scientist Joseph Carson answer your top questions and share tips to balance the security and productivity of your teams. Bring your questions to the chat, and get ready for an interactive webinar aimed at addressing the top remote worker security challenges that organizations are facing today.

What will I learn?

How to strengthen your remote worker’s cyber security transition.

Get the answers to these important questions:

  • What data is on my systems and will it still comply with compliance and regulations if employees leave the office and work remotely?
  • Does it matter if my users are local administrators
  • How can I sustain a business as usual approach and maintain security?
  • Will a Zero Trust strategy work?

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